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PrintReleaf provides sustainability alternative

October 12, 2018

The organisation has announced that it provides a low-cost alternative to traditional chain-of-custody solutions to sustainability.

Commenting on the announcement, PrintReleaf Founder and CEO Jordan Darragh said: “For the first time, commercial printers, label converters, and packaging vendors have available to them and their customers a sustainability solution that is significantly less expensive and easier to implement than the chain-of-custody solutions available today. Chain-of-custody sustainability solutions require printers to maintain detailed records and can be used with only a limited number of substrates. 

PrintReleaf, on the other hand, eliminates expensive record keeping and enables the print customer to select any paper-based substrate. And while chain-of-custody solutions merely assure customers that the paper used in their project has been harvested from a sustainable forest, PrintReleaf warrants that the paper used is reforested back into the natural environment. Print customers selecting PrintReleaf to reforest their paper consumption may select from any of seven forests around the world in need of reforestation.”

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