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PrintReleaf now live at EPMS

February 3, 2020

EPMS, a print MIS Solutions provider in North America, is the first print MIS provider to integrate with PrintReleaf.

EPMS is now fully integrated and running live with PrintReleaf. Commercial printers that run on EPMS can automate and scale PrintReleaf and provide their customers the opportunity to automatically offset the paper consumption associated with each print job by planting trees – equivalent to the paper used in each print job – at certified reforestation sites around the world.

“PrintReleaf’s certification system has been growing in demand from our customers. It made sense to integrate with their system and provide great efficiency and value for EPMS’ Customers,” said Mark Andersen, President and CEO of EPMS.

Jordan Darragh, Founder and CEO of PrintReleaf stated: “This is the first integration we’ve launched with a commercial print MIS software solution. We’re very excited to offer PrintReleaf to printers that run on EPMS… and their customers.”

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