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PrintFleet acquisition: Print Audit speaks

January 15, 2018

Print Audit has published its opinions on the recent acquisition of PrintFleet by ECi Software Solutions.

The company has revealed its primary thoughts on ECi Software Solution’s purchase of PrintFleet Inc., as “one of the three largest device monitoring platforms”, and its initial reaction is vicarious happiness for Brian Cosgrove, PrintFleet’s founder and chairman. Cosgrove is described by Print Audit as “one heck of a good guy” who has done “an incredible amount of good work to make the office equipment channel a better place.” The company goes on to express its pleasure that Cosgrove’s work is being rewarded, added that he deserves nothing but the best.

Beyond that, Print Audit has said it is neither excited nor sad by the acquisition, saying that it “does nothing to change how we all do business or how we all grow.” It calls the device monitoring market a market of consolidation, not a growth market, and says bluntly that “if you’re not using one of us today for device management, then you likely aren’t going to start using any one of us anytime soon.”

“Print Audit continues being Print Audit” is its concluding thought, praising its own “world-class” device monitoring and management solutions. It also spoke of doing more for its customers, including user and document security solutions, and new business models like Seat Based Billing.

Regardless of PrintFleet’s acquisition, Print Audit seems determined to continue unaffected, stating that the year is off to a great start and that its mission to “save the office equipment industry” will continue.


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