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ECi acquires PrintFleet Inc.

January 5, 2018

The Texas-based company has added the Canadian device management solutions company to its roster.

ECi Software Solutions, of Fort Worth, Texas, has announced the acquisition of Ontario-based PrintFleet Inc. PrintFleet, a provider of device management and assessment software solutions, offers a variety of solutions for imaging device monitoring, as well as training and business development for dealers, distributors, and manufacturers in the industry.

IT solutions company ECi now services over 2,200 customers, and with this latest purchase manages almost 10 million devices across the world. Ron Books, the company’s CEO, said that the acquisition gave ECi “an expanded global footprint.”

“ECi is committed to continuing to invest in the field service industry,” said Books. “It is a quickly evolving industry and our goal is to provide the best technology available to help our customers stay competitive and profitable.”

He continued: “PrintFleet has a fantastic product portfolio and a dedicated team; we could not be prouder to have them join us in helping businesses achieve greater efficiency and expand their services.” 

“Joining the ECi family of companies aligns with PrintFleet’s strategic initiatives, one of which is to achieve greater scale, affording us still more opportunities for growth,” said PrintFleet President Chris McFarlane, who will remain in his post with ECi’s Field Service Division. “As a recognized leader within the data collection and data utilization space, PrintFleet, with ECi’s support, now has greater capacity to assist our clients in bringing innovative solutions to the print industry.” 


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