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PrinterLogic launches PrinterLogic Insights

October 3, 2019

PrinterLogic Insights enables companies to track printing activity down to the user level and actively monitor the status of their printer fleet at no charge.

PrinterLogic, a company that supplies Serverless Printing Infrastructure (SPI), announced the release of PrinterLogic Insights, a free reporting tool for Managed Service Providers (MSPs) and customers with up to ten printers. Insights is built on PrinterLogic’s SaaS platform and enables IT professionals to gain visibility into their printing, copying, and scanning activities while monitoring the SNMP status of their printers.

“We’ve been leading the serverless printing conversation for almost a decade, and it’s rewarding to see how quickly IT organisations are adopting our SaaS platform,” said Ryan Wedig, CEO of PrinterLogic. “It’s become clear that smaller businesses need an easy way to track and monitor their printing without the burden of managing servers. We designed Insights to fill this void.”

PrinterLogic Insights is a detailed reporting platform that can be set up in minutes and does not require any servers. It provides advanced reporting and SNMP monitoring and alerting features, delivering benefits like Print/Copy/Scan tracking at the user and device level, SNMP alerts to empower IT teams to resolve outages before they impact users, automated discovery and import of up to ten network-connected printers, support an unlimited number of users across multiple locations and visibility into USB printing activity.

“With PrinterLogic Insights, we are giving small business owners and IT specialists an awesome tool that lets them sample what our complete solution can do,” continued Wedig. “Users simply create an online account and watch the data flow. Printers are discovered automatically and imported into our software.”

Companies interested in using PrinterLogic Insights can sign up instantly on the PrinterLogic website. PrinterLogic Insights is available immediately by clicking on

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