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Ctrl-Prt Solutions for MPS

May 16, 2019

A blog post by Arlington explains how Ctrl-Prt can help your MPS Business.

Arlington explains: “As a Managed Print Services provider, you’re constantly on the lookout for new strategies and technologies that can help you differentiate your business, and give you a competitive edge.”

For Arlington this software is Ctrl–Prt and highlights it is changing the way MPS providers do business.

With Ctrl-Prt solutions from Arlington you can simplify the way you source toner cartridges, printer hardware, and parts.

As the blog post explains, Ctrl-Prt is a cloud-based MPS software that is focused on the optimisation and management of printer and copier fleets.

According to Arlington, management and optimisation of print output is a task that is generic to most businesses and can assist to keep print infrastructure expenses low and under control. The cost of consumables is typically 70 percent of total contract costs over a three-year contractual period, the company adds.

Features of the software, according to Arlington include, that is provides data intelligence on all of the networked print devices and MFPs, enables control and reduction of consumables waste, saves unnecessary service calls, incudes control of consumables sales and order fulfilment, provides up-sell opportunities through historical reporting and strengthens customer relationships.

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