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Print-Rite reveals more seminar details

October 17, 2018

The Chinese company has now confirmed further details for its #OCTA2018 interactive seminar, taking place this week.

The interactive seminar was first announced back in July, with Print-Rite promising information on how your business can survive and prosper, as well as on “how Print-Rite can be the best partner to achieve your business goals, by not doing the same old thing over and over again expecting different results. Last week, the company revealed the subject matter of the seminars, and it has now given more details on these.

The seminar will begin with an introduction from CEO Arnald Ho, who will “lay out the company’s vision” to the more than 200 partners and customers expected to attend from across the globe – as well as the many more expected to join online.

This introduction will then be followed by a panel discussion featuring industry experts discussing the opportunities and challenges of non-infringing new-built cartridges, and how Intellectual Property breakthroughs can be a differentiator, and thereby become a key value proposition.

The #OCTA2018 seminar will also focus on Managed Print Services, which as Print-Rite points out, “helps to lock-in customers through contracts, and enables in creating long-term customer relationships that guarantees a stable order pipeline and improved profitability.”

The event will see Print-Rite’s MPS expert elaborate on how to create and grow a successful MPS business, whilst industry and domain experts will also discuss the use of digital marketing tools to reach out and communicate the value propositions to the market; as well as this, there will also be discussion on how to gain more online visibility, and thereby create new business opportunities.

According to Print-Rite, “the experts will also throw light on how to do all this by maintaining and even improving the business bottom line,” whilst the gathered 3D printing experts will talk about “new developments and enormous opportunities in the sector,” whilst empowering the audience on how to build a successful 3D Business Model.

“Print-Rite expects OCTA 2018 to be a game changer in the industry,” said the company. “It wants to set the agenda for sustainable growth in the changing industry landscape, and also create value for its partners/customers.”

The #OCTA2018 seminar takes place at Print-Rite’s 3D Innovation Hub in Zhuhai’s Free Trade Zone on the 18th of October 2018 at 2pm (UTC+8), and will be live-streamed online by the company.

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