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Print as a Subscription in demand?

January 22, 2020

A new multi-client study by Keypoint Intelligence measures demand for Print as a Subscription.

Keypoint Intelligence announced the completion of the US Micro-MPS/Subscription Print for SMB study. This study identifies the mix of products and services that SMB buyers want most in a micro-MPS/subscription print offering.

The research also looks at the likelihood of adoption of services, given the correct plan and price.

The findings of the study suggest that almost 25% of smaller users up to 99 employees currently use some type of subscription service. However, results show that when looking at small users who currently do not use a subscription programme, they generally want additional features besides low cost and automatic supplies fulfilment.

“Converting users from a transactional mode of acquiring printing products and services to a subscription includes many advantages for OEMs who are able to find the right offering for the market,” said John Shane, Director of Communication Supplies at Keypoint Intelligence.

“We expect that vendors will increase their efforts to provide print subscription services for smaller organisations under a model where a core set of benefits are offered as a baseline service and other services added as organisation size increases.”

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