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Keypoint unveils generation-based study

October 25, 2018

Keypoint Intelligence – InfoTrends has released the results of its new study “GenZ to Boomers: Segmenting High-Spending Personas for Increased Share of Wallet”.

This comprehensive multi-client study provides an understanding of how to increase “share of wallet” among key demographic groups for imaging-related products and services as well as PCs and social media platforms. The research defines buyer personas for each generation based on lifestyle, life stage, and buying power, and identifies how best to market to each of these groups.

Through this research, InfoTrends gathered insights from 5,996 US consumers across GenZ, Millennial, GenX, and Baby Boomer segments.

“The study looks at unique attributes for each generation to see what motivators and interests drive discretionary spending for prints and photo products. It also examines interest in photography and social media platforms that are used for sharing photos,” said Alan Bullock, Associate Director of InfoTrends Consumer & Professional Imaging Services. “It addresses how technology and brand engagement is changing based on entertainment and lifestyle, hobbies, and travel.”

The study’s objectives include:

Building generational buyer personas within GenZ, Millennials, GenX, and Baby Boomers, including: 

  • How they engage with technology and brands
  • Personality and psychographic profiles
  • Lifestyle choices and life stages of big spenders

Determining perceptions that different generational personas have regarding:

  • Technology ownership and usage
  • Privacy and social media

Quantify buying power of high-discretionary-spend purchasers within each generation including the percentage of disposable income spent on:

  • Imaging
  • Printing, photos and personalized photo products
  • Tablets and laptops
  • Electronics & gaming
  • Entertainment, lifestyle, hobbies

Examine how best to market to high-spending personas:

  • Communication channels
  • Preferred paths to purchase

Deliverables for the GenZ to Boomers study include an executive summary, charts, and analysis of the full survey, cross tabulations in Excel, as well as a two-hour webinar review of the executive summary. 



Categories : Around the Industry

Tags : Baby Boomers Generations GenZ Keypoint Intelligence Spending Study

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