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Portable printer market to grow by 2025

January 3, 2018

Copyright: Coherent Market Insights

According to a new report, the global portable printer market will experience CAGR at 7.7 percent by 2025.

The report was compiled by Coherent Market Insights and forecasts the development of the portable printer market between 2017 and 2025.

With the widespread use of Internet-enabled mobile devices, there has been “a significant paradigm shift” in the productivity of professional workers when it comes to catering remotely “to daily business requirements.” In addition, despite ever-increasing digitalisation, businesses are expected to continue to incorporate printing in their everyday business activities. The need to cater to the mobile workforce and extend the communication support of mobile devices “will continue to propel the portable printer market growth over the forecast period.”

Portable printers can also be used to avoid the possible security breaches which are a hazard of mobile printing, with documents able to be printed regardless of the users’ location, a feature “expected to remain among the prominent growth drivers of the industry.”

The 250-page, which you can read here, includes an analysis of key industry trends and also explores new R&D innovations, as well as revealing the fragmentation of the industry across the globe and how “establishing strong regional presence and strong distributor network[s] to offer better consumer support, will be among the chief industry strategies for better future prospects.”

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