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Charting the rise of the MFP

May 16, 2018

A research report on the MFP market has revealed that multi-function printers are set to make a “great impact” by 2025.

As revealed in The Columnist, a report is now available on the multi-function printer market, which provides a forecast of growth until 2025 as well as examining the potential pitfalls that could affect market performance.

As the article explains, MFPs are now a commonplace of large offices, as they “provide a centralised distribution, production and management system” and are “designed for ease of work in enterprise, and commercial, and small business.”

As well as offering all of the functions of a fax machine, printer, scanner, photocopier and email, MFPs also provide businesses with “robustness, output quality, usability.”

Laser MFPS tend to be most widely used in enterprise, whereas for home use, inkjet technology seems to be “preferred”.

The report reveals that “the demand for multi-function printers is expected to increase during the forecast period”. In the case of businesses, this is because MFPs “provide flexibility and help in reducing capital costs”, while in the case of home use, the demand is due to “the need for convenience with respect to scanning and printing.”

However, there are issues which can arise with the use of MFPs which could serve as obstacles to the growth of the market. These issues are mainly focused around cost, as the power required to run MFPs can become “expensive”, and “the ink for multi-function printers could get used up faster” than if you were using separate machines for the different functions required.

Additionally, “When damaged internally, all the features of multi-function printers are shut down which can be a problem for businesses.”

The MFP market can be segmented in two ways, as the article describes: into colour MFPs and monochrome MFPs, and into LED MFPs, laser MFPs and inkjet MFPS.

You can find the MFP market report here.



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