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Montana digitises services with Lexmark

January 24, 2018

The State Information Technology Services Division (SITSD) provides shared IT services to residents, using a range of Lexmark solutions based on Perceptive Content enterprise content management.

In a video released via Lexmark’s YouTube channel, Ron Baldwin, CIO for the State of Montana, explains that the state’s desire is to create “an enterprise of government”, that will make government “accessible to the citizen” as opposed to being a bewildering maze or labyrinth.

He describes the state’s ‘First Mile Approach’ as being meeting the customer where they are, without relying on the physical location of the customer’s records and thereby being constrained by geography.
The goal is to offer eligibility determination “that gets the best level of benefits in the quickest amount of time” to the state’s citizens.

He describes the Perceptive Content solution and content management in general as playing “a key role” in how they turn around cases, explaining that citizens can mail or scan documents themselves, use the online system to apply for public assistance, come into an office that is near to them and be able to access their required documents immediately.
One of the “big cost avoidance aspects will be allowing case files to be distributed across offices, balancing the work” of the State’s employees.

He explained that they are not increasing FTE but using the workforce they have in the “most efficient manner possible”, creating a virtual office experience in order to help manage staff properly and avoid unnecessary costs while keeping up the level of service expected by Montana citizens.

Baldwin added that the use of Perceptive Content for the state of Montana “is going to significantly improve” engagement with the customer and will provide “an enterprise class solution”, allowing documents to be digitised and made electronically available to ensure the most efficient customer service.


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