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Konica Minolta unveils marketing and analytics platform

April 23, 2018

Konica Minolta Business Solutions U.S.A., Inc. has announced the launch of a marketing planning and analytics platform that brings disparate marketing plans together and allows multiple users to easily collaborate in developing and maintaining plans, complete with advanced analytics.

Traditionally, a marketing campaign plan is laid out in spreadsheets or budgeting software, which creates difficulties in determining costs and attributing reasons for results. The Konica Minolta offering – powered by Domino Decisions – effectively addresses this by allowing users to create “What-If” analyses while growing their marketing calendars, including all traditional and custom marketing tactics. Users can then compare for cost and effect, and then easily review them with stakeholders. With this package, tactics come preloaded with expected response rates, taking into account the type of tactic, whether it’s air cover, brand awareness or call-to-action oriented. The marketing mix is also tracked so projections of performance are realistic and actionable.

Highlights of the new offering includes:

  • Bringing disparate marketing and campaign plans together and allowing multiple users to collaborate in building and maintaining plans
  • Projecting the expected results of marketing mix investment vs. key business metrics – leads, sales, volume, conversions, revenue, etc. – before spending a dime on marketing
  • Connecting multiple data sources for integrated, on-demand analytics via dynamic dashboards
  • Gaining the insights needed to make adjustments to the plan that optimize marketing performance

Prior to selling the software, Konica Minolta was an actual early adopter client, using it for developing and maintaining its own marketing calendar and plans.

“By using the software ourselves and realising its power and abilities, we can confidently confirm and share its overall effectiveness with our clients,” said Kay Du Fernandez, Senior Vice President, Marketing. “This marketing planning and analytics platform provides the answers and guidance needed for users to optimise business and marketing performance. It’s like mission control for marketing – bringing all of your critical information together in a single, dynamic platform.”

The Konica Minolta marketing planning and analytics platform is available from its dealer and direct sales channels.



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