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Konica Minolta publish latest financials

February 6, 2018

The Japanese OEM has released its consolidated figures for the first nine months of this fiscal year.

Konica Minolta has published the latest round of its financial results, with the newly-released figures covering both the third quarter of the current financial year, and the first nine months overall.

In the third quarter, from the beginning of October to the end of December 2017, the OEM saw revenue rise from ¥237.6 billion ($2.1 billion/€1.7 billion) in 2016, to ¥262.1 billion ($2.4 billion/€1.9 billion), a growth of 10.3 percent, whilst gross profit also increased, from ¥112 billion ($1.02 billion/€826.9 million) to ¥125 billion ($1.14 billion/€922.8 million) – a 12.2 percent rise when compared to the same period the year before. However, the company’s operating profit dropped, from ¥15.9 billion ($145.6 million/€117.4 million) in the third quarter of 2016, to ¥8.6 billion ($78.8 million/€63.5 million) in 2017, a decrease of 45.8 percent.

Looking at the whole financial year up to the end of the third quarter, Konica Minolta saw revenue increase in the first nine months, from ¥699.6 billion ($6.4 billion/€5.1 billion) to ¥750.2 billion ($6.8 billion/€5.5 billion), a 7.2 percent increase. However, in the same timespan, operating profits dropped to ¥29 billion ($265.8 million/€214.2 million), compared to ¥34.4 billion ($315.3 million/€254.1 million) in the first nine months of the 2016-17 fiscal year.

It was a similar picture for the OEM’s office printing segment, which in the third quarter alone saw a 6.9 percent increase in revenue, from ¥138.5 billion ($1.27 billion/€1.02 billion) in the equivalent spell in 2016, to ¥148.1 billion ($1.35 billion/€1.09 billion) last year. Operating profit for the segment, meanwhile, saw a more modest rise, from ¥9.6 billion ($87.9 million/€70.9 million) to ¥9.7 billion ($88.9 million/€71.6 million) – a 1.9 percent increase.

In the office printing segment across the first nine months of this financial year, however, there was a dip in operating profit, falling 4.3 percent to ¥29.9 billion  ($274.1 million/€220.9 million) – down from ¥31.2 billion ($285.9 million/€230.5 million) the year before. There was also brighter news, though, with revenue in the segment increasing 5 percent in that period, from ¥407.2 billion ($3.7 billion/€3 billion) to ¥427.7 billion ($3.9 billion/€3.1 billion).

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