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Big rises for Konica Minolta

August 1, 2018

The OEM has published its latest financial results for Q1 of the current fiscal year (ending 30th June), with plenty of reasons to be cheerful.

Konica Minolta’s revenue for the period was ¥255.2 billion ($2.28 billion/€1.95 billion), an increase of 9.8 percent on last year’s figure of ¥232.3 billion ($2.07 billion/€1.77 billion).

Operating profits also increased, from ¥8.71 billion ($77.8 million/€66.6 million) to ¥15.4 billion ($137.6 million/€117.8 million), a climb of 77.2 percent.

Meanwhile, profit before tax rose even more dramatically, from ¥8.2 billion ($73.2 million/€62.7 million) last year to ¥15.2 billion ($135.8 million/€116.2 million), increasing 86.1 percent; overall profit totalled ¥10.8 billion ($96.5 million/€82.6 million), up from ¥5.3 billion ($47.3 million/€40.5 million) in the equivalent period of 2017 – an increase of 102.2 percent.

Konica Minolta’s total comprehensive income for Q1 was ¥17.1 billion ($152.8 million/€130.8 million), a 64.8 percent rise from Q1 2017’s ¥10.3 billion ($92.05 million/€78.8 million).

In the OEM’s Office Business segment, there was also an increase in revenue, from ¥133.4 billion ($1.19 billion/€1.02 billion) to ¥143.9 billion ($1.28 billion/€1.1 billion), putting the segment’s profit at ¥9.26 billion ($82.7 million/€70.8 million), up from ¥5.34 billion ($47.7 billion/€40.8 million) in 2017.

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