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Konica Minolta discusses innovation and growth

March 15, 2018

Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum, which will host the event.

The OEM is to host a growth-focussed business discussion at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum on the 20th of March.

ProPrintAU reports that the event, entitled ‘Catalysing Innovation – How To Innovate In A Challenging Environment’, will be hosted by Tracey Spicer, and will feature a panel exploring which factors can ignite, or inhibit, an organisations growth-oriented spark. The panel will include Sue O’Connor, a director at Mercer Superannuation and Chair of ClimateWorks; Ben Sorensen, a leader of the disruptive innovation leadership course at Qld Innovation Hub; Jeff Sharp, of Visionstream Pty Ltd.; Lauren Capelin, a director at Yellow Balloon Ventures; and Martin Keetels, an innovation lead at Konica Minolta.

“The event is the culmination of Konica Minolta’s Innovator Series, launched in 2017,” explained the OEM. “The series is an initiative developed to identify and share the stories of professionals that dedicate their time and talent to advancing progressive thinking within their chosen fields. Konica Minolta started the series in part as a response to the sense that we are in the decade of disruption; a continuous high level of uncertainty, volatility, and confusion facing many parts of society and business. The ferocious speed of change leaves many individuals and organisations challenged with how to evolve and adapt in a world where technology application is rapidly outpacing legal definitions, where AI and robots may replace a vast amount of human contribution to the economy and where future generations will build their careers in sectors and industries that do not yet even exist.”

The panel session will be followed by a Q&A, and then drinks and canapes.

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