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Kodak next for tariff exclusions?

January 28, 2019


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Following last week’s announcement that Fujfilm had received tariff tax exclusions on its aluminium offset printing plates, Kodak now reveals it could be next in line.

As Aluminium Insider reports, the Eastman Kodak Company has announced that “tariff exclusion requests it lodged with the United States Commerce Department for an exception to the Trump Administration’s Section 232 blanket tariffs on imported aluminium” have been approved or, in other cases, are “on track for approval.”

Kodak began petitioning for the exclusions from the 10 percent tariffs shortly after they were put in place, with the OEM collaborating with “several members of Congress and industry trade associations.”

John O’ Grady, President of Kodak’s Print Systems Division, described the government shutdown as merely delaying “the inevitable”, saying:

“We’re pleased to report that prior to the U.S. government shutdown, the Commerce Department has granted exclusions for a number of our requests, and we expect all of our exclusions to be approved once the federal government reopens for business.”

“We will continue to provide our customers with regular updates on this situation as it develops,” he added.

Currently, Kodak has placed a “pass-through surcharge” on its printing plates sold to US customers, but the company says these will be refunded once its tax exclusions are approved.

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