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KMP launches Green Up concept

September 3, 2018

A new video from the company explains its new Green Up initiative, which promises “organic colourants, less adhesives, less chemicals.”

“Human influences on the environment are becoming increasingly clear,” the short video begins, explaining that this is why KMP started Green Up.

The founding principles behind the initiative involves the “avoidance of chemistry and adhesives,” and the intention to “reduce the number of components by intelligent design.”

KMP also intends to stop using animal leather, instead focusing on renewable raw materials, and has invited visitors to its booth at the IFA in Berlin to “feel and touch our easily recyclable cases and sleeves made of bio-based leather.”

Another key aspect of Green Up is the ability to separate the components of a product at the end of its lifespan, and recycle the materials, so you too can help “green up the world.”

You can watch the video in full, above.

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