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Innotec scoops Septuors award

September 21, 2018

Innotec – Print Different has revealed that it has been honoured with a Septuors award in the Environment category at a ceremony held on 18 September 2018 at the Au Pasino de la Grand-Motte.

As Midi Libre explains, these awards honour “entrepreneurs and their innovative projects” and “aim to unite the economic actors of the department but also to create an essential business meeting, where business leaders will be able to discuss common issues.”

As a result, the Septuors award ceremony not only distributes accolades but also serves as a kind of ‘round table’ where company representatives can meet, mingle and “learn from each other’s experiences.”

Innotec – Print Different collected the award for the Environment category. The Lunel-based remanufacturer of laser printer cartridges has been in business in France since 1993, with a strong focus on “short circuits, controlling environmental impacts, contributing to a green growth approach”.

Innotec states that the company ensures that none of its waste goes to landfill, and goes on to explain that its plant’s “innovative installations” mean that there is total control over the dispersal of toner dust, to ensure the health of its operators.

The company has a subsidiary named ProXL, which specialises in the collection of used laser and inkjet cartridges, as well as offering consulting, sales and maintenance of printing materials.

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