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Renault Trucks to go electric

March 14, 2018


Renault Trucks has announced it will launch a new range of electric vehicles next year, following ten years of testing with its customer partners.

The all-electric trucks will be produced at a dedicated assembly line at Renault’s Blainville-sur-Orne plant in Normandy, France, and are primarily designed to be used in urban and inter-city situations.

The electric fleet will form part of Renault Trucks’ sustainable urban transport strategy, and will contribute to improved air quality, as well as curbing climate change; furthermore, they will help reduce congestion, as the noise-free vehicles will allow for out-of-hours deliveries.

The company has put substantial investment in R&D of electromobility since 2009, including extensive field testing, alongside its customers. According to, this has provided Renault with “vital information on conditions of use, battery behaviour, recharging facilities and specific maintenance requirements for electric trucks.” Renault has also benefited from R&D resources offered by the Volvo Group, and other entities working on all-electric vehicle developments.

Nigel Butler, the Commercial Director of Renault Trucks UK, said: “As we transition to a lower carbon economy, electric trucks are driving the future for urban operations – we excitedly await production availability for our UK customers.”


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