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HP EMEA President leaves

September 9, 2019

According to an article on The Register HP’s EMEA president will leave immediately possibly because of the plummeting of its supplies business.

Dion Weisler resigned recently citing personal reasons, which made way for a big reshuffle of the HP Inc. management team. Now, according to an article by The Register, Nick Lazaridis, HP’s EMEA President, is leaving immediately being temporarily replaced by Helena Herrero, Managing Director for HP Iberia.

In a memo from HP about the sudden departure, the company stated that Lazaridis had been an important leader in EMEA and that it was grateful for his support and contributions.

According to the article, it is highly likely that George Brasher, currently UK and Ireland Head for HP, will be named Lazaridis’ replacement for HP EMEA.

The Register said: “Sources told us Lazaridis was carrying the can for HP’s collapsing supplies business and for missing his EMEA revenue target for three consecutive quarters”, adding that the EMEA team did not foresee the slowdown and downturn in sales.

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