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HP announces partner incentives

April 3, 2020

HP Inc. announced a variety of relief initiatives aimed at arming its global channel partner community to effectively navigate the operational and financial challenges associated with COVID-19.

In addition to providing a variety of financing and leasing options for end customers, the company will offer short-term, market and country-specific incentives for channel partners. Offers will vary by geography and are dependent on partner eligibility, HP said.

In addition, HP has implemented a more predictable, flat-rate incentive programme and relaxed compensation models to allow for more partner flexibility with linearity while extending deadlines for submission of proof of performance and reporting. The specific changes will be communicated to channel partners by HP market and country teams this week, the company said.

“As a global company, we understand the importance of acting globally while executing at the local level. Rather than taking a one-size fits all approach, we are taking a customised approach specific to the unique and evolving dynamics at the market and country level, depending on a variety of factors,” said Christoph Schell, Chief Commercial Officer, HP Inc. “We’re structured to ensure the continuity of our business operations even under the most challenging circumstances and we feel very fortunate to be in a position to offer the help and support needed by our valued partners and customers.”

In partnership with its endorsed finance partners, HP’s Integrated Financial Solutions group is now offering a variety of financial and asset lifecycle options, including deferred/reduced payments until 2021, short term rentals and cash infusion for customer-owned HP devices through a sale leaseback programme.

Qualified customers can convert existing, owned workplace assets into a payment solution or acquire technology needed today with reduced payments for the remainder of 2020 to alleviate temporary cash flow challenges. Customers can also take advantage of a delayed payment structure or enrol in a PC rental programme, available on equipment contracts for a period of 12 months. After 12 months, rental devices can be extended, purchased or returned for an upgrade.

To address potential cybersecurity risks for those working or learning from home, HP is launching a goodwill security campaign. In addition to offering tips and advice online, HP will be offering free customer webinars to help set up home offices securely. 

HP Sure Click uses advanced isolation technology to guard against embedded malware, ransomware, and viruses embedded in email attachments or malicious websites.  From tomorrow HP is offering its HP Sure Click Pro version for free until further notice. This offer will be available for use for all HP and non-HP Windows 10 PC customers. More details will be available here.

To help arm partners with the skills and knowledge required to optimise revenue and future-proof their business, HP University offers online, on-demand learning options across a variety of topics including sales skills education, product training and industry-leading certifications. Partners can opt in for customised online digital learning paths designed to meet their specific priorities.

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