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HMS Office Supplies joins Hamster family

March 19, 2018

Pierre Gallant, HMS Office Supplies (Credit: Millicent McKay)

Canadian retailer HMS Office Supplies has rebranded to become one of 108 other stores under the Hamster identity.

The Journal Pioneer reports that the switchover hopes to provide “a different shopping experience for office supplies and furniture, office layout consulting services and printing services,” whilst a new website will also revamp the company’s online offering.

Pierre Gallant, HMS president, said: “HMS Office Supplies is very pleased to be bringing a breath of fresh air and vigour to Summerside by joining the Hamster family. It goes against the tide in the industry and reflects our ability to constantly come up with new and ingenious solutions. You will find the same products and the same people. It isn’t a new store, it’s a facelift that will infuse our business with new energy.”

Gallant further stressed that the change wasn’t “an acquisition, merger or change of ownership but a new identity, one that sends a powerful message about our commitment to customer satisfaction. The competitive advantages of being part of the Hamster family will enable us to make an even greater contribution to the local economy and our new image will reflect who we are: a local business that offers quality service.”

The store, in Summerside, will now act as an independent member of Novexco Inc., a Quebec-based company that has been in business since 1996 and which runs the Hamster brand.


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