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Greentec celebrates 25th anniversary

April 8, 2020

Ontario-based IT assets and e-waste processor, Greentec, celebrates a quarter of a century in business in 2020.

Established in 1995, Greentec has grown to become experts in IT asset disposition and e-waste recycling. Initially starting with just cartridge collection, it expanded to other electronic device recycling in 2005. By 2010, the company moved to a 83,000 sq. ft. facility and started ITAD and e-waste processing

In a recent interview with Recycling Product News, Founder Tony Perrotta said that in 2019 114,000 IT devices were refurbed and between 2010 and 2019, the company recycled 60,000 tonnes of e-waste, which according to Perrotta shows a growth rate of 30% year-on-year.

Perrotta explained to Recycling Product News: “Our speciality is managing data containing devices. For example, we manage equipment for entire data centres, when a company is going through server refreshes or storage and network refreshes, as well as data for endpoint devices such as desktops, laptops, computers, tablets and mobile phones.”

Electronic devices are processed to securely destroy any residual data, maximise value recovery and minimise environmental impacts. Greentec’s solutions provide its customers with peace-of-mind, knowing that their data and electronics recycling are handled in a secure and compliant manner.

To read the full interview and find out more about Greentec, click here.

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