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Ontario’s Greentec celebrates recycling advances

November 29, 2018

The Canadian company has heralded its exclusive new technology, which it claims will make it “the most advanced e-waste company of its kind in the country.”

According to Recycling Product News, the innovative Lamp, LCD and Laptop waste recycling technology will allow Greentec to safely remove the hazardous materials within these items, which can include mercury vapours. The procedure is a fully-automated one, ensuring that human contact with the hazardous materials will not take place.

“Our state-of-the-art e-waste technology handles hazardous waste materials so people don’t have to,” explained Greentec’s President and CEO, Tony Perrotta. “Minimising the risk of exposure to toxins is critical for people, businesses, and the environment.” 

The technology was developed in Switzerland, and separates hazardous particles whilst extracting valuable materials for further processing – this allows companies to recycle the salvageable parts of e-waste in a way that is both responsible and safe, environmentally.

“We believe in using resources for as long as possible,” Perrotta continued. “We extract the maximum value of end-of-life electronics and then responsibly recycle the parts we can’t use to keep our planet secure and waste-free. Our exclusive technology enables us to do this.”

Ontario’s new legislation, contained within the Waste-Free Ontario Act policy framework, directs waste management companies towards recovery, reuse, and the reintegration of discarded materials back into production.

Greentec first began operations in 1995, and in the 23 years since has grown to a workforce of 90 staff. The fully-certified company actively promotes the circular economy, and believes in utilising the maximum lifespan of resources, before extracting as much value as possible before responsibly recycling them. As specialists in IT asset disposition (ITAD), the firm focuses particularly on e-waste, and its secure and environmentally compliant disposal.

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