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G&G sponsors padel tournament

July 11, 2019

G&G announced it is sponsoring the International Padel Tournament in Spain, held 11-14 July.

Padel has a history longer than 50 years and is the second most popular sport in Spain with more than four million fans, a figure only surpassed by football. During this tournament, Pablo Lijo Santos, Alvaro Cepero Rodriguez, Javier Rico Dasi, Victor Ruiz Remedios, Miguel Angel Solbes are some of Spain’s famous padel players that will attend the tournament.

The International Padel Tournament combines the padel tournament and a big raffle for charity. The collection of this raffle would go entirely to the Children’s Oncology Unit of the Hospital of Alicante. G&G believes that contributions to this event directly benefit the children in need.

G&G commented: “The sponsorship is part of G&G’s ongoing commitment to bring healthy and environmental-friendly life to customers. G&G believes a brand should take social responsibility and initiative to benefit the society and community. All actions taken and products created by G&G are based on this vision.”

To follow the tournament’s latest developments, interested parties can follow G&G on social media under the G&G Image Global accounts.

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