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First E-Waste Day a resounding success

October 22, 2018

WEEE Forum has announced that its first International E-Waste Day, held on 13 October, “surpassed” the organisers’ expectations.

As CIWM reports, the event was “celebrated in 30 different countries worldwide with around 50 organisations being engaged by the initiative.”

A variety of events were held as part of the celebrations, ranging from online campaigns to “temporary city centre collection points”. In New Delhi, the Day was marked by a conference “to discuss the challenges and opportunities for e-waste recycling, while in Poland ElektroEko “set up street collection points in Warsaw to promote the correct disposal of household e-waste and to give people the opportunity to dispose of waste items.”

Jan Vlak, the President of the WEEE Forum and the Managing Director of Wecycle said, “International E-Waste Day gave us a great opportunity to engage with consumers and communicate that e-waste should be disposed of using the correct channels.

“The messages of our members were well received and we are optimistic that the day has contributed to influence people’s behaviour.”

Pascal Leroy, Secretary General of the WEEE Forum, commented, “We are so pleased with the participation and high profile of the day.

“Having so many countries involved and so many different events organised surpassed our expectations and struck a positive note everywhere International E-Waste Day was celebrated.”


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