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Epson inktank tops thirty million

July 26, 2018

Global sales of the OEM’s InkTank inkjet printers have now exceeded the thirty million mark since their original launch eight years ago.

First released in Indonesia in October 2010, the machines are now available in approximately 150 countries and regions globally, with growth particularly in emerging economies sending sales soaring.

Epson plans to “accelerate the shift” in consumer preferences over the current financial year, as it aims to establish the inktank as “the inkjet printer mainstream,” as well as continuing to encourage both emerging and advanced economies to move from laser printers to inktank inkjets.

The OEM is targeting sales of 9.5 million InkTank products over the FY2018 (ending March 2019), an increase of 20 percent from the year before; it is expected that this will represent around 55 percent of Epson’s total inkjet sales.

“High-capacity inktank inkjet printers have a low environmental footprint, have lower running costs, and allow users to print freely and with less effort compared to laser printers and ink cartridge printers,” declared Koichi Kubota, Epson’s Printing Solutions Operations Division’s Director, Senior Managing Executive Officer and COO. “Epson has transformed the printer business model, and will continue to provide comfortable printing environments that allow our customers around the world to demonstrate their creativity and enjoy high productivity.”

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