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Ecolabelling to incorporate reuse

June 14, 2019

In a new policy development, the Spanish Government is proposing that the EU creates a new “Reuse” category within the EU eco-labelling scheme to promote circular economy enterprise and printer cartridges could be the first products to be considered for ecolabelling.

At the upcoming meeting on 26th June, the European Union Ecolabelling Board (EUEB) will consider the Spanish Governments proposal to develop EU Ecolabel criteria for printer cartridges.

Research undertaken by The Recycler shows that around 15% – 20% of printer cartridges e remanufactured within the European Union and a further 10% – 12% are from outside the EU. Though in some markets like Spain, the percentage of remanufactured cartridges is as low as 5%.

During  the revision  phase  of  the voluntary  agreement Imaging  equipment,  EU state  members  and  other  relevant  stakeholders  participating   in  the  process  are  calling  for  increased  cartridge  reutilization  objectives and  elimination  of  any  barrier  against  reuse.

Any ecolabelling scheme for printer cartridges would be a first for reused products and establish the circular economy principles.

The new category, if approved, could be self-financing and will have predetermined environmental and health criteria that remanufacturers will have to meet to achieve the ecolabel accreditation.

David Connett, the outgoing President of ETIRA, said that “a successful ecolabelling scheme could double the number of cartridges that are reused in the EU and help create more jobs, reduce the barriers to reuse, and significantly grow the European printer cartridge remanufacturing sector over the next five years.“

An update on the EUEB proposal could be announced as early as The Recycler Live conference held in Brussels on the 27 – 28 June.

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