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CTS celebrates with expansion

July 8, 2019

The UK-based aftermarket print consumables distribution company CTS Toner Supplies Ltd is celebrating its 25th anniversary with another extension which means after completion the company will have a total of 21,144 sq ft of warehousing.

To accommodate the growth and need for warehousing, CTS Supplies Ltd are making progress with its latest extension of its warehousing facilities.  Just over the last seven years the company added an additional 1080ft² in 2012, additional 2160ft² in 2015, additional 2772ft² in 2016 additional 4824ft² in 2017.

Just in time for its 25th anniversary celebration this year, the company started its latest addition of an additional 5958ft² making it a total size of 21,144 ft².

The company took to Social Media to show its progress in a small video and commented: “CTS are celebrating our 25th anniversary with another extension! With our original warehouse building being just 4350ft², due to our success and growth we’ve had to go bigger and we’re very excited to share the progress with you all!”

CTS is a family owned company, set up by Steve Clayton in 1995 and is a UK-based aftermarket print consumables distributor with a product range of more than 2,800 of products and employs 35 people.

Speaking about future plans to Channel Info in January 2019, Steve Clayton said: “To have expanded our number of product categories by 20 percent, to be employing 50 members of staff across the UK and Ireland by 2021, ultimately to achieve annual sales of £15 million ($18.78 million/ €16.74 million) by 2024.”

“We aim to be a business for the long term. Our ambition is to reach £10 million ($12.52 million/ €11.16 million) turnover by 2020, to be regularly supplying 750 dealer and distribution level customers,” Clayton added.

To see current progress of the extension, click here.

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