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Close the Loop partners with PrintReleaf

November 27, 2019

Close the Loop partners with Printreleaf for ‘releafing’ the weight of their recycle boxes for all of their partners across the industry.

Close the Loop announced that in support of their dedication to enhance environmental outcomes and reduce the environmental impacts of their customers in ways that are commercially sustainable on a long-term basis, the company is combining their sustainable solutions with PrintReleaf, becoming PrintReleaf’s first ever packaging partner.

Tom Ogonek, Co-CEO of Close the Loop stated: “Close the Loop is excited to partner with PrintReleaf and reduce the environmental impact of our take back programmes. This partnership feels like a natural step to off-set our paper usage in program return boxes. By working with the major print and imaging OEMs, Close the Loop diverted more than 28 million pounds of used imaging consumables from landfill in 2018 with a zero waste commitment. This partnership adds an extra element in our commitment to the environment and we are excited to take our take back programmes to the next level alongside PrintReleaf!”

Reforesting at a rate of 8,333 sheets of paper per standard tree, PrintReleaf’s patented technology measures total paper consumption, and converts that total into an equivalent number of trees which are then automatically and certifiably planted around the world.

Jordan Darragh, Founder and CEO of PrintReleaf stated: “Close the Loop has long been an environmental leader in the print industry. After crossing paths many times, often in the same OEM partner accounts, we decided to come together as partners. It’s great timing as well because we just introduced new functionality allowing partners or customers to enter PrintReleaf transactions by weight. As a result, Close the Loop is our first partner in the packaging or box segment to partner with us. We’re very excited to enter this new segment in the industry and couldn’t be happier to call Close the Loop our first partner in the space…especially knowing the boxes they provide are also being put to good environmental use.”

Close the Loop is just getting started but has already releafed over 23,000 pounds of paper and planted 283 number of standard trees.

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