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CIG talks robotic automation

October 16, 2018

Clover Imaging Group has published a short video on its website, shedding light on how it uses robotic automation during the manufacturing process.

As the video explains, CIG’s in-house automation and robotics engineering team has produced over 700 process-enhancing tools, machines and robots. As a result, the company benefits from increased accuracy, consistency and efficiency.

Robotic automation provides repeatability of high-precision processes and eliminates variability in production processes, which results in a “dramatic effect on quality”.

In addition, CIG reveals, robotic automation leads to built-in process versatility, which supports the company’s manufacturing environment.

CIG isn’t the only company to extol the merits of automating its manufacturing process; very recently, Ninestar has also been elaborating on how automation has enhanced the quality of its products.

To view CIG’s video, click here. 

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