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Turkey’s new sustainability services

January 11, 2018

Through a new partnership between SCS Global Partners and the DO?A HSE Group, Turkey will benefit from internationally recognised sustainability certifications.

According to a new media release from SCS Global Partners, this collaboration between the specialist in environmental and sustainability certification and the DO?A HSE Group will see the latter serving as SCS’s Turkish representative, implementing SCS’ range of sustainability services and products.

“The partnership will support the efforts of manufacturers in Turkey to create value and compete successfully in global markets for sustainable products,” said Sertaç Güven, Managing Director of DO?A.

Some of the sustainability services and certifications the Turkish Group will now be offering include “recycled content certification and validation of environmental claims, sustainable supply chain services, SCS Indoor Advantage and SCS Indoor Advantage Gold indoor air quality certifications, BIFMA level®e3 for furniture, carbon footprinting, life cycle assessment (LCA), Environmental Product Declarations (EPD), and Health Product Declarations (HPD).”

With the availability of these services, local manufacturers will be able to create products that “meet global green purchasing requirements” in addition to the criteria posed by “the world’s leading green building rating systems”.

“We are excited to work with DO?A, a quality-driven organization, and provide the Turkish market with local support and sustainability expertise,” said Stanley P. Mathuram, Vice President of ECS Operations and Corporate Sales and Marketing at SCS. “Together with DO?A, we look forward to helping our Turkish customers demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, meet environmental specifications, and compete successfully in global markets.”





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