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CIG launches DOCUmation website

January 23, 2020

The new DOCUmation website features a media-rich interface for an “exceptional customer experience”.

Clover Imaging Group (CIG) announced the launch of a dynamic new website for reseller partner, DOCUmation. This new feature-rich site was four months in development to ensure each customer “pain-point” was thoroughly addressed, the company stated. With a strong focus on multimedia elements to enhance the user experience, the new site adds layers of convenience and utility to the browsing experience.

“Clover Imaging was able to take our needs and translate them into a web design that provides a better user experience and a more streamlined, professional look. Our goal was to bring our brand forward and I think we’re accomplishing that,” noted Hunter Woolfolk, Co-President at DOCUmation.

Clover Imaging’s Amplify marketing services team ensured the site offers visitors many options to access content, beginning with a customised embedded video on the homepage that features a visual company overview, complete with drone imaging.

From there, Clover Imaging’s team doubled-down on customer convenience, building in multiple ways to access reviews including a scrolling live feed at the bottom of the homepage and audio testimonials for on-the-go listening. Importantly, they added a new “Customer Tools” section that features a unique portal specifically to bring customers faster access to supplies, assistance, and more.

“We love working with partners like DOCUmation who have a good understanding of the intersection between web development and customer satisfaction. They comprehend at a deep level how web-based service and marketing strategies can not only enhance the customer experience but contribute to increased lead generation for amplified business growth,” said Aaron Dyck, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Clover Imaging.

Visit DOCUmation’s new website at:

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