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Cartridge World examines educators’ printing

August 29, 2018

In the its latest blog post, the company discusses how much schools spend on printing, and how these costs can be reduced.

“Despite an increase in digital resources,” the blog begins, “there are still many ways educators use print in schools,” giving the examples of worksheets, homework assignments, study guides, and tests, to name but four.

Cartridge World cites data from a survey of school district technology officials that found 34 percent of respondents predicted they would continue using a 50/50 ratio of printed resources and digital ones. The blog points out that this will be costly for the schools in question, and suggests ways this bill can be reduced.

Approximately one tenth of a school’s annual budget is spent on printing, Cartridge World contends, with a school district of 10,000 students, teachers and staff estimated to use 28 million sheets of paper per year.

To help cut down on this usage, the blog offers various recommendations, the first being “changing the default setting on printers and copiers to double-sided printing” – which could potentially halve the amount of paper being used. Cartridge World adds that “it also helps to post signs to encourage double-sided printing.”

Furthermore, the implementation of a print management programme could help “keep wasteful printing to a minimum, and reduce school-wide printing costs”, with the further suggestion of a print assessment from a company such as Cartridge World, which will “identify additional areas of opportunity to reduce your school’s printing costs.”

The blog also includes an infographic, displaying the messages of the blog in pictorial form, and including other relevant factoids.

To read the blog in full, click here.

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