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Cartridge Depot – 30,000 reasons to celebrate

November 21, 2019

Guy and Vincenza Ciampa Cartridge Depot

Guy and Vincenza Ciampa at Cartridge Depot based in Bedford Town centre, UK, are celebrating the fact that since they opened their doors in 2012 they have recycled over 30,000 printer cartridges and prevented them from going to landfill.

Cartridge Depot said that this has been achieved by the help of local customers, businesses, schools, charities and not-for-profit organisations dropping off or arranging collections of their empty or no longer required printer cartridges.

Cartridge Depot has now been trading for over seven years, so just over 4000 cartridges per year are being recycled by the company.

Business Partner Guy Ciampa said: “We believe being able to offer a free printer cartridge recycling service is so important. We sell these products to our customers so we really want to be able to continue our service after the cartridges reach the end of their life and stop them going into landfill. We know it can be difficult to find places to recycle empty printer cartridges which is why we try to make it as simple as possible for people who want to recycle with us.  If you have any empty cartridges you would like to recycle just contact us to see how we can help.”

Business Partner Vincenza Ciampa added: “Studies show that over 350 million cartridges are dumped and put into landfill each year. The fact that it can take anything between 450 to 1000 years for cartridges to decompose is staggering. We are always looking to increase the figure of cartridges we send for recycling as we know our environment will benefit from this, so we ask all local people, businesses and organisations to join us in recycling empty printer cartridges. You do not even need to be a customer or buy anything from us, it is free, and actually in some cases you may be able to earn yourself a bit of extra money.”

Cartridge Depot is a local independently run award winning business specialising in the supply of original, compatible and remanufactured printer cartridges, printers and paper. They supply many local and national customers and offer their unrivalled customer service and advice to anyone looking to save money on their printer cartridges. Cartridge Depot is your one stop shop for all your printing needs, contact Cartridge Depot now or visit their store to see how they can help you.

“Cartridge Depot would like to say a big THANK-YOU to our existing customers for supporting us over the last seven years of trading, and for playing a part in helping us to reach this phenomenal milestone number of Cartridges being sent to recycling,” the company added.

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