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Canon team up for cybersecurity

February 16, 2018

News of a partnership between the OEM and a Washington cybersecurity firm has been revealed.

Canon Solutions America Inc., a subsidiary of Canon USA, has announced a new alliance with Washington D.C.-based cybersecurity firm Agile Cybersecurity Solutions (ACS). ACS serves various leading government agencies and private sector companies, as well as many others, in the United States.

The partnership comes amidst a climate of unease, increasingly subject to data breaches and cyberattacks from hackers and other malicious agents. ACS claim its team of “Cyber SEALs” can aid businesses in established security, eliminating risks and providing responses in the event of an incident. They also offer a Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) service for SMBs whose budget won’t stretch to a full-time Chief Information Security Officer.

The deal also allows the OEM to refer customers to an esteemed organisation and connect them with the experts, as well as providing tools and resources for its customers to help address their security concerns. These resources could include cyber-etiquette training for employees of its customers, or its full suite of security offerings.

“Our mission has always been to offer our customers solutions and services that can enable business growth, provide improvements in productivity and efficiency, and help protect information as it flows both inside and outside of an organisation,” said President of Canon Solutions America, Peter Kowalczuk. “Working with ACS, our abilities enter into a new dimension of customer service that can have a profound effect on the welfare of our customers.”

Carolos Fernandes, the CEO of ACS, said: “Security is a journey, not a destination. It requires what we at ACS call a Predict, Prevent, and Persist methodology, which is a holistic precognitive approach to maintaining a secure environment. We are excited to work with a world class organisation such as Canon Solutions America and contribute toward their ability to continue to provide the kind of excellent service that they are known for and that their customers have come to expect from them.”


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