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berolina becomes distributor of Polaroid ink cartridges

February 19, 2019

berolina Schriftbild, a European supplier of solutions for printing and document management, has announced that it has become a distributor of Polaroid ink cartridges as of the beginning of this year. 

The Brandenburg-based company, established in 1968, explains that, through this new distribution deal, it is “repositioning itself in the field of ink.” With the Polaroid brand, berolina is further expanding its ink business, as well as “expanding its customers’ supply of first-class ink cartridges”.

“The Polaroid brand fits in excellently with our portfolio of strategic partnerships; It stands for quality with high colour brilliance, innovation and tradition alike,” affirms Alexander Busch, Managing Partner of berolina.

Polaroid is known to the general public in the field of photography, especially through its instant cameras. Berolina reveals that its Polaroid ink cartridges are “precisely reconditioned modules that not only reach, but even exceed, the capacity of the printer manufacturer’s cartridges.”

The Polaroid ink cartridges also score points in terms of sustainability: as remanufactured products, they are an environmentally friendly alternative, as they are, according to the manufacturer, up to 82 percent more CO 2 -friendly than a newly produced cartridge. In addition, the packaging of the Polaroid ink cartridges is made of fully recyclable plastic. 

berolina distributes 16 Polaroid inkjet cartridges that are compatible with approximately 150 Canon, Epson and Hewlett Packard printers. Further products are currently in the planning stages, concludes the supplier.

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