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Australian store advises on disabling HP firmware updates

April 16, 2019

Ink Hub, describing itself as Australia’s Bargain Ink Store, has published online advice on combatting HP’s firmware updates by disabling them on your printer.

As Ink Hub explains, HP seem to have been issuing fresh firmware updates from “around 9 April”, with many consumers having the update “applied without them even knowing about it.” The store goes on to add that “last time HP used these tactics they were reported to the ACCC” and had to provide compensation to aggrieved printer owners whose printers were affected by the updates.

Ink Hub goes on to advise that consumers needn’t bother with the upgrades even if they use genuine HP cartridges as the updates “won’t make any difference as to how your printer performs.”

The article declares that the sole purpose of the update “is to stop the end user from being able to use generic cartridges” and then offers technical advice, using diagrams, demonstrating how to disable the updates.

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