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Australia boosting remanufacturing and recycling

June 11, 2019

The Victorian remanufacturing and recycling industry is set to get AU$34.9 million ($24.2 million/ €21.4 million) injection from the Southern Australian government.

According to an article from The Fifth Estate the government has set out new plans to reform the local Victorian recycling and remanufacturing industry and to “To bring in new entrants to the Victorian recycling market and diversify the sector.”

Big parts of the funding are set aside according to article, to “go towards secondary processing infrastructure for “priority materials” such as paper, cardboard and plastics.”

This was set out as a new AU$14.3 million ($9.9 million / €8.7 million) fund and is allocated to be spent “on the domestic remanufacturing sector in the state.”

The article by The Fifth Estate explains that the idea is to encourage new start ups and individuals to this sector as well as diversifying it, so the government set aside “additional AU$13.8 million ($9.5 million/ €8.4 million) to incentivise participation and invest in equipment and infrastructure upgrades.”

The government is also looking to add educational programmes for local authorities as part of this project.

The article explains: “The South Australian government is the only jurisdiction in Australia that has tried to quantify the number of jobs the circular economy could create. The 2017 report found that by 2030, compared to a business as usual scenario, a more circular economy could result in an additional 25,700 full time jobs for the state.”

This is hoped to fuel need for a variety of jobs, skilled and unskilled as well as full and part time roles for the local economy.

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