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Aster Graphics announces new patented dongle gear solution

June 25, 2018

The company has announced it has been granted a new patent for its new dongle gear solution.

The solution is for cartridges for use in “all Canon and HP dongle devices”, including the 505A/X, 280A/X, 255A/X, 226A/X and 287A/X machines, and the company state that the solution provides “a user-friendly experience and mimics the installation and removal of the OEM cartridges.”

Following a legal battle with Canon earlier this year, Aster has announced that the new solution is infringement-free, having been awarded US Patent 9,964,920 for its design, wherein the coupling member on the cartridge is fixed, and does not incline or change distance.

The original patents in question, held by Canon, protect the design movement as the “coupling member axis is inclined with respect to the drum axis,” and the design movement “between the first position and the second position in the direction of the OPC axis.”

“Aster Graphics always respects the intellectual property of third parties and our own innovation has been a core business initiative,” the company explained. “Aster Graphics allocates a significant amount of its resources into patent research during the development process of new products and designs. Since our inception in 2011, Aster Graphics has applied for over 300 patents worldwide. Our products have never been subject to a seizure order and our product supply has never been interrupted. Our customers will continue to have our support and we will continue to provide innovative and high-quality products that help win new business in the marketplace.”

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