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Armor talks jumbo cartridges

October 18, 2019

In one of its latest blogs, Armor explains about jumbo cartridges and their environmental friendliness as well as cost-effectiveness.

Armor’s blog explains that a jumbo cartridge is designed to give a higher yield and is often referred to an XXL or extended yield cartridge and generally gives 20 percent more yield than a normal yield cartridge.

Armor comments: “Jumbo cartridges offer a real solution for companies looking to reduce their printing costs and minimise their waste to be more environmentally friendly.”

Through the higher yield offered by jumbo cartridge, the cost per page is reduced making it cost-effective and saves the user money.

In its blog Armor explains: “Unfortunately, it is more difficult to find Jumbo cartridges on the market. This is because OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) do not manufacture Jumbo cartridges. However, some companies such as Armor Office Printing offer companies the option to custom order jumbo cartridges for any product code/brand.”

Talking about the environmental friendliness of jumbo cartridges, the blog explains: “Jumbo cartridges have less negative impact on the environment. Since you can print more using fewer cartridges (one Jumbo cartridge = two standard cartridges), you produce less waste! Using fewer cartridges also means that less stock is needed and shipping is reduced. Therefore, you are reducing your CO2 emissions and using fewer non-renewable resources.”

To read the full blog, click here.

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