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ZINK printing expected to grow

January 29, 2018


A research report published by Persistence Market Research predicts single-digit CAGR for ZINK printing between 2017 and 2025.

Eco-friendly ZINK printing technology “provides printing without using inks”, removing the requirement for cartridges or ribbons, which means the only materials required to print are the printer itself and paper.

Developed out of an increasing requirement for better printing technology that is more suited to the widespread use of mobile devices, ZINK printing “is expected to showcase significant growth rate in forthcoming years”.

As well as providing a “value proposition” that manages to be both environmentally friendly and economical, ZINK printing “also allows mobile printing solutions for a wide range” of applications.

North America, which adopts new technologies at a rapid rate, is expected to be the biggest market for this form of printing, while the growing number of start-ups, MNC’s and other organisations in the APAC region will be responsible for the rise of ZINK printing in that part of the world.

Major players in the world of ZINK printing include household names such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell Inc., Canon Selphy and Fujifilm Instax.

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