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USITC grants two more seizure orders

November 11, 2019

The United States International Trade Commission (USITC) granted two more seizure orders on behalf of Canon against Toronto Warehouse and Katherine Sims in the ongoing actions by the OEM.

As part of Inv. No. 337-TA-918, the USITC issued new seizure and forfeiture orders on behalf of Canon, regarding “Certain Ink Cartridges and Components Thereof”, which were attempted to be imported into the US.

The USITC issued seizure and forfeiture orders against Toronto Warehouse, 1515 Britannia Rd., Mississauga, Ontario L4W 4K1 and Katherine Sims, 2024 Buford Dam Rd., Buford, Califomia 30518, or any affiliated companies, parents, subsidiaries, or other related business entities, or any of their successors or assigns.

The orders issued by the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) explains that the Commission was alerted by the U.S. Bureau of Customs and Border Protection that “the owner, importer or consignee (or the agent of such person) of certain ink cartridges covered by a general exclusion order attempted to import the articles into the United States”.

Customs denied entry to the products and, upon denial of entry, “provided the owner, importer or consignee of the articles (or agent of such person) with written notice of the aforesaid exclusion order and the fact that seizure and forfeiture would result from any further attempt to import the articles into the United States.”

As a result, the Commission states in the legal documents seen by The Recycler that it deemed the issuance of a seizure and forfeiture order to be “appropriate”.

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