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Static Control claims Innovation award

October 8, 2018

Static Control’s microchip development group was presented with the Ninestar Group’s Technical Innovation Award at the recent mid-autumn evening party held on 21 September 2018 in Zhuhai.

The accolade was awarded in recognition of the team’s accomplishments in chip research, development and implementation.

“Static Control’s chip designs utilised a new encryption and decryption algorithm, strictly memorising serial numbers, and faster-speed ferroelectric technology, therefore reacts better to frequent OEM firmware updates, which brought valuable experience to the entire chip engineering team on future compatible chip designs and better defence against firmware updates,” said Jackson Wang, Chairman of the Board for the Ninestar Group.

A significant achievement for the chip development team was the ability to reverse engineer a new chip within 6 weeks of starting the project.

“Our ability to reverse engineer new chip solutions is essential in our ability to offer first-to-market solutions to our customers,” said Carl Richardson, Static Control’s Chief Operating Officer. “While speed is of the essence with each new product, it is equally important to our group to offer fully functioning, accurately reporting chips. Static Control’s chip development group is highly focused on providing the best solutions to the aftermarket and we are proud to be recognised from the organisation for our hard work.”

The Technical Innovation Award is presented every two years by the Ninestar Group and recognises achievement in technology throughout the company’s subsidiaries.


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