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Staples’ successful in-store recycling programme

June 19, 2019

Staples Canada sets example of effective in-store customer recycling programme through its partnership with Call2Recycle Canada.

Staples Canada has collected more than one million kilograms of used household batteries through Call2Recycle’s battery recycling programme, the equivalent to the weight of two full 747 jumbo jets. Staples Canada partnered with Call2Recycle, Canada’s national consumer battery collection and recycling programme, in 2004 to collect used batteries from customers and employees and ensure batteries are diverted from landfills.

In support of its environmental commitment, Staples Canada offers in-store battery recycling as part of a wide range of recycling collection services, including cell phones, mobile devices, ink and toner cartridges, writing tools, and beverage containers.

“Collecting a million kilograms of batteries for recycling is truly outstanding and we congratulate Staples Canada for this remarkable achievement,” says Joe Zenobio, President of Call2Recycle Canada, Inc. “This is a testament to the important work Staples is doing inspiring associates and customers to join efforts for environmental sustainability.”

Staples Canada’s recycling collection service is one part of the company’s broader corporate social responsibility and sustainability programme.

“Reaching a milestone like this is a reminder of the value and importance of our commitment to the environment and doing what we can to protect it,” says David Boone, CEO of Staples Canada. “This is not just a corporate achievement, it is the result of dedication and action by thousands of customers and associates who are recycling with Staples. It is an exciting milestone, and it is just one of many more that we hope to reach as we continue to work with Call2Recycle and our customers to divert end-of-life batteries from landfills.”

In 2018 alone, Staples Canada recycled 3,722,183 kgs of electronics from its customers, that’s approximately the weight of 1,073 SUVs. In addition, the company’s writing instrument recycling programme collected approximately 1,326,922 ft. of writing instruments, which translates to 29,487 school buses in length.

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