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Spicers’ advice for a greener office

September 13, 2018

The company has published a new blog offering advice on how to make your workspace as environmentally sustainable as can be.

“Awareness of your impact on the environment makes good business sense,” the blog explains, saying that “not only are consumers more likely to buy products and services from companies that are eco-friendly, but businesses themselves also stand to save money and boost morale by going green.”

Making sure your business is environmentally friendly is “relatively simple,” according to Spicers, which gives a run-down of ten small steps you can make which will have a big impact.

The first is to turn everything off at the end of the day, “the most obvious and easily attainable tip” according to Spicers – this includes not just computers, but also printers, radios, and coffee machines too!

Good lighting is also critical in terms of carbon emissions and expenditure, with Spicers advising you make use of what natural light you can, and if not, invest in LED lights, which are more energy efficient.

Other tips include cutting out unnecessary printing, to again save both energy and money, and invest in a desk plant, which can help purify the office air. Spicers also advises installing proper recycling bins to separate paper from general waste; considering your mode of transport, in terms of pollution output and what alternatives there may be (like cycling); and the use of environmentally friendly products, such as recycled paper, for example.

A more uncommon tip is to “consider a casual dress code,” with the blog arguing that “in the summer months, wearing a suit can be uncomfortable and hot, requiring the use of aircon or fans which use up energy.”

Other suggestions include the use of green cleaning products, which will eliminate the use, and therefore spread, of toxic and harmful ingredients; and the mantra of reuse, on any items you can, from paper and packaging to coffee cups, and even printer cartridges.

To read the blog in full, click here.

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