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Semi spills 40,000 lbs of printer ink

March 22, 2019

Earlier this week, a truck overturned on a highway in Atlanta and spilled over $8 million (€7.07 million) worth of printer ink, creating “what looked like a massive Rorschach test”.

As Thrillist reports, commuters in Atlanta “found themselves driving through what was essentially a puddle of liquid gold”, when a semi lost control and overturned on I-285 South, losing 40,000 lbs of printer ink.

The accident triggered “substantial traffic delays” as well as causing a sprawling ink stain on the tarmac, but thankfully no one was injured.

The damage was more financial, as the unfortunate truck spilled an estimated $8.3 million (€7.3 million) or more of what is commonly described as “the most expensive liquid you can buy”.

Immediately following the spillage, “fire and rescue crews tended to the mess by spreading dirt and sand across the roadway in hopes of soaking up the ink”, but it seems likely that the highway will remain “blotchy” for some time to come.

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