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Self-erasing ink for use in Canon devices launched

September 2, 2020

Blue Planet Ink has introduced self-erasing ink for use in Canon inkjet printers.

Blue Planet Ink announced that its Paper Saver self-erasing inkjet ink is now available in remanufactured cartridges for use in select Canon printers. 

Paper Saver ink is a purple coloured ink that prints on normal paper. With exposure to air the ink absorbs carbon dioxide and water vapor and undergoes a chemical reaction which lowers its pH. As the pH drops the dye in the ink becomes colourless and the paper becomes blank again, like new. 

According to Blue Planet Ink, the time needed to erase depends on air circulation and typically ranges from one day for a single sheet of paper on a desk to five days for papers in a stack. The same paper can be used for printing indefinitely until it becomes wrinkled or torn.

Paper Saver ink was first sold for selected Epson EcoTank printers, and is now in use in 10 countries. According to life cycle analysis studies, most of the environmental impact from printing is from paper consumption rather than the manufacturing and use of printers, inks, and toners. Printed paper is not kept long. According to one study, 90% of office copies and printouts are used for only a short while.

“Paper doesn’t have to be disposable,” said Carl Yee, President of Blue Planet Ink. “We are providing a tool for those who want to print and reuse as much as possible, including the paper itself.”

To find out more about the self-erasing inkjet cartridge range, go to

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