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Rumpus pens Printerland deal

September 14, 2018

Manchester-based PR agency, Rumpus, has signed a deal with Printerland to promote national brand awareness for the printer reseller.

As Business Manchester reports, through its management of media relations, Rumpus will “focus on showcasing Printerland’s expertise across a range of diverse sectors, as well as promoting longstanding community and charity involvement.”

Printerland was founded in 1993 and has burgeoned into a profitable business, with more than 60 people employed at its head office and a predicted turnover, in 2018, of £50 million ($65.4 million/€55.9 million). The business is described as having “ambitious growth plans” and is focusing on innovation as a means of remaining firmly on-trend in the digital world.

The partnership between two companies follows similarly strong growth on the part of PR agency Rumpus. James Kight, managing director of Printerland, said: “Customers are seeking out industry expertise and guidance on maximising budgets now more than ever, so it’s the perfect time to highlight the specialist, bespoke service we offer at Printerland.

“We were impressed by Rumpus’ experience in building national and industry brand awareness for its clients, and look forward to working alongside a local agency to take us to the next level.”

Gareth Clements, director of Rumpus, said: “With security and cost efficiency such hot topics in IT at the moment, Printerland has the required expertise to lead national conversations on progress and innovation.

“We look forward to working with such an ambitious team to position them at the forefront of such developments, building national brand awareness and reputation as we go.”


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